Cummins Creek Vineyards is located on the outskirts of Columbus, Texas. Located on the banks of the actual Cummins Creek, in north Colorado County, the vineyard currently produces Blanc du Bois and Camminare Noir grapes for wine production.  

It started as a passion project, a meeting of the minds in a blank pasture between two homesteads. The land, which has been in the family for 3 generations, has seen farming, cattle ranching, hay crops, and even vegetable crops many years ago. The next generation has a vision to move this farm into the new era of agriculture in Texas. Owners Ronnie and Dawn Aschenbeck and Kevin and Tammy Ruether, have established several acres of beautiful flowing vines and plump grapes waiting to be made into the next bottle of Blanc du Bois wine.  

A blanc du bois and camminare noir vineyard

About cummins creek

Kevin grew up in Columbus and has spent his whole life here, except for a few years spent in Huntsville, TX where he got his degree in Agriculture Business from Sam Houston State University. When he’s not out tending to the vines, he is running his contracting company, KDR Contractors. Kevin and Tammy are the inspiration for our Kindred story, so be sure to check out the back of our Kindred wine!

Much like Ronnie’s story, Tammy grew up along the banks of Cummins Creek. Her and Ronnie are siblings!

Tammy went to Texas A&M University and graduated in 1999 with a degree in Education that brought her back to Columbus. She is currently employed by Columbus ISD as an elementary teacher. 



Ronnie grew up along the banks and bottoms of this old creek and has never wanted to be anywhere else. He left for college for a short time to major in Architectural Design, came back and has worked in construction as a project manager for the past 35 years. His love for the land and the property just downstream from where his great, great grandparents settled 175 years ago, is always present in his heart. Ranching, along with the vineyard, is somewhat of a passion along with inventing machinery and equipment to help do a job more efficiently. He remains faithful to the care of the property that his forefathers farmed and ranched all these years. With the addition of the vineyard his passion continues.


Dawn grew up on Cummins Creek a few miles downstream of the current vineyard property. Living close to the creek was always adventurous and many days, between chores and other farm activities, was spent fishing, camping and swimming with her brothers, cousins, parents and grandparents. After high school, Texas A&M was in her sights, where she earned a Master of Education. She came back to live near the creek while teaching 30 years before retirement. In her first few years after graduating she was able to spend time with her grandmother who introduced her to harvesting Mustang grapes that grew along the creek banks to make jelly and homemade wine. Over the years this instilled a certain sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, just as working in the vineyard does today.


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