about the grapes

Blanc du Bois is French for "white grape of the wood." It's a hybrid white grape most commonly grown in the southern US states, including Texas! These grapes are turned into fabulous dry, sweet and semi-sweet white wines. Blanc du Bois wines pair well with summertime, back porch sitting, and fun evenings chatting with friends.  

Our grapes are currently sold to several wineries in Texas' Gulf Coast Region to make their delicious wines.

We also use our grapes to make our own handcrafted wines.

Blanc du Bois

Pronounced: Cam-men-air New-ar

If you married a cabernet and petit syrah, you would end up with the camminare noir grapes. 

Camminare Noir

current blanc du bois wines

available now

third bank

An easy drinking wine with citrus aromas and hints of lemon and honey-suckle. Perfect for a picnic, visit with friends, or even a special dinner at home.

Pairs with: a charcuterie board and fruit salad

2020 dry

A very clean crisp wine showing peach, pear and citrus aromas along with a subtle sweetness that makes this a perfect combination with a sunny, summer afternoon.  

Pairs with: white meat and fish

2019 semi sweet

Blanc du Bois wine is traditionally southern as its grapes grow well in the hot humid climate of the Southern United States.  

At Cummins Creek Vineyards, we offer 3 styles of Blanc du Bois for you to sip.


A crisp sweet, easy drinking wine. Liebling is German for “my love” and we know you will just love this new Blanc wine. 

Pairs with: salty snacks and creamy mild cheeses


current red wines

available now

At Cummins Creek Vineyards, we offer 1 style of red wine for you to sip.


Made from sweet and fruity Dolcetto grapes grown offsite, with hints of blackberry and plum come through. Think a fuller-bodied Pinot Noir.


coming soon

Our Camminare Noir grapes are working hard at growing big and strong. They should be ready to start producing wine in the summer of 2022!

where to purchase our wine

Our dry and semi sweet “Third Bank” Blanc du Bois wine can be purchased at some of our local stores including The Vintage Shop in Columbus, Texas.

We take personal orders from customers within a 20 mile delivery area with a minimum of 4 bottles. See our Facebook page to send us an order message.